Accelerator Papers in AOM 2018

When I started my research in 2015 on accelerators, there were very few scholars AOM2018working on it and hardly a handful of papers published on the phenomenon. In the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC) 2017 there were probably three papers on the topic. My BCERC 2017 presentation was received well and provided good feedback. My conference paper was developed and eventually published  in the Journal of Business Venturing — you can read it here: Accelerating strategic fit or venture emergence: Different paths adopted by corporate accelerators

Hence I was quite excited when I saw a tweet from Susan Cohen (an early scholar on the topic) that there were 10 papers in this year’s Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM). Quite an increase in a short span of two years! In fact I was happy to see that there were 9 papers and one symposium too. The symposium will have 5 additional papers — thereby taking the total count of presentations on accelerators to 14. Here is the list of papers with links to them.

Link to Papers (nine in all)

  1. Variance Decomposing of Accelerator and Cohort Effects Among London Startups —
  2. Pace Yourself?: A Model of Varied Entrainment Responses in a Seed Accelerator —

  3. How inter-organizational relationships shape innovation in business accelerators —

  4. Entrepreneurial Acceleration: Exploring Accelerator Programs —

  5. Enhancing Human Capital with Social Capital via Entrepreneurial Learning in a Start-up Accelerator —

  6. High Growth, Innovation, and Business Accelerators:Differences Between Women- and Men-led Ventures —

  7. A Conceptual Examination Of Corporate Accelerators Versus Traditional Corporate Venturing Programs —

  8. The ‘Give and take’ of Mentorship Processes within Accelerators —

  9. Social Ventures, Impact Accelerators And Endorsement Signals: The Moderating Effect of Gender —

Link to Symposium (with five presentations)

  1. Business Accelerators and the Development of Early-Stage Ventures —

I am not attending the AOM 2018. But I hope to hear and learn from friends who attend the AOM. Exciting times for people researching entrepreneurship support and entrepreneurial ecosystems.


My First FT50 Publication

I am happy to share that my first FT50 journal publication just got online:

My paper (co-authored with Dean A Shepherd) is published in The Journal of Business JBVVenturing (popularly called JBV). JBV is widely accepted as the top entrepreneurship journal in the world. It is one of the top 50 journals in management too (an FT50 journal).

What is a FT50 journal? The Financial Times (FT) List of 50 Journals, popularly called “FT50” is considered the top journals in business and management. Publishing in them is considered prestigious. They are used to evaluate the research contributions while arriving at the top business school ranking. It is therefore not surprising that getting published in them is highly competitive and extremely rigorous. Here is a present list of the top 50 journals (FT50) – 

Hope to write more FT50s 🙂

At least we don’t ask “Should we?”

Business Plans are an important and highly debated artefact in entrepreneurship. Since I teach and research this subject, I get asked this very often. I am one who believes that “planning” is more important than “plans” and have advocated this to all my students. There are enough opinions for and against writing business plans, but I think this article caught my fancy. The main message is — don’t plan early; don’t plan for too long; and keep planning alongside other activities.


I liked this article for a few reasons:

  • It moves beyond the “should we?” debate
  • It is a research based work and not an opinion
  • It shows that it pays to plan
  • It shows the pros and cons of planning for entrepreneurs

I think entrepreneurs must read the article. More importantly I think entrepreneurship educators must read this article.

Hope you enjoy reading it.

I am a Fellow in Entrepreneurship


Thats what my friend asked me when I told him that!! 🙂

Here is my rather boring explanation: Fellow Program in Management (FPM) is a doctoral level program offered by various institutes in India. The FPM is an All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) approved four year doctoral program. When you complete the program successfully – which includes coursework, thesis and viva-voce/defence; you become a “Fellow”. The Indian Institutes of Management have been a pioneer in granting this title. In recent times many other institutes have been offered permission to run these programs. Note: All FPMs being offered are not AICTE approved. Kindly check.

Since I recently completed my FPM from The Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), Ahmedabad, I am now officially a “Fellow” of the institute. Prof. Sunil Shukla (Director, EDII) was my research guide. Prof. Amit Dwivedi and Prof. Lalit Sharma (Faculty Members, EDII) were my thesis advisory committee members. Prof. Sasi Misra (Institute Professor, EDII) was my FPM Executive Committee Chair. Prof Mathew Manimala (earlier Professor, IIM Bangalore) was my examiner for the final viva-voce. Raj FPM Viva PhotoCompleting my FPM in front of an august group of Indian researchers, was both an honour and privilege. The photo on the right is a happy memory captured after the defence and viva-voce with my Thesis Examination Committee (the five people who sat in my viva-voce).

EDII was the first institute to start a FPM (doctoral level program) in entrepreneurship in 2014. Since the institute’s FPM is focussed only on entrepreneurship, I think I can tell people that I am now officially a “Fellow” in Entrepreneurship.

My thesis was titled “Corporate Accelerators: A grounded study of motives, manifestations and measures”. I have a couple of papers based on my thesis under review in “Top Tier Academic Journals in Entrepreneurship”.

Thanks to all of you who helped me go through this long and arduous journey. I am now ready for a career in academics.

SMS India Conference 2018

The “Strategic Management Society” Special Conference in slated to be held between 15-18 December 2018 in Hyderabad, India. The Indian School of Business (ISB) will host this wonderful conference. The conference is not just for academics. It is also for SMS India Conference 2018practitioners, leaders and managers interested in “all things strategy”. It will also have number of interesting workshops aimed at pre-doctoral candidates, doctoral students, junior faculty, scholar-practitioners amongst others. It appears that anyone interested in strategy and entrepreneurship will find something in the conference.

Many good conferences are geographically distant for people in India. Good conferences are where the people whose papers we read, visit and spend time. This makes the above conference especially important for doctoral students and young scholars in India. It is a chance to meet some of these seasoned scholars of Strategy and Management.

It is special for me since I have been a member of the SMS since a long time and reviewed papers for the annual conferences. The “Entrepreneurship” track of the conference is especially interesting to me as it relates to my area of research. The chairs of the track are interesting scholars and good human beings. I met them recently at the AMJ PDW and it was really fun interacting with them. I am so sure that you will learn much through the interactions.

I hope many of you will make use of this wonderful opportunity. For conference related information please look up here:

Best wishes!

AMJ PDW IIM Bangalore 2018

The Academy of Management (AMJ) conducted the first Paper Development Workshop (PDW) in India last month. The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore hosted this program on its beautiful campus. The two day event (17-18 February 2018) saw about 40 papers (in progress) presented by aspiring scholars desirous of publishing in the AMJ. I am so glad I was one of them. Thanks to AMJ Editorial Team and The IIMB organising team for all conceptualising and successfully organising this event. It gave all of us in attendance a great opportunity to receive feedback from the editors of this prestigious journal. It also gave us a chance to learn much about publishing at the highest level by listening to the reviews / comments / observations and suggestions offered on so many other papers.

Overall it was great learning for any management scholar! IIMB also organised for a short nature walk as a breakout from the intense discussions. It was a welcome break which offered some relaxation and opportunity for bonding. We made some new friends in the process. Here are some memories captured and shared by the AMJ and IIMB teams:

Thanks to the AMJ Editors and IIMB for providing a wonderful learning opportunity for Indian researchers. Hope more such events take place in India.

Free Book on Entrepreneurial Cognition

Happy to share a 2018 book on entrepreneurial cognition! I have met both the authors of this volume (Professors Dean Shepherd and Holger Patzelt). They are inspiring academics! Both are well known scholars in the field of entrepreneurship. When they put together a book, it should be compulsory reading. For those interested in the psychology of entrepreneurs – this is a must have book.EC Book Cover

The book (in my opinion) is aimed at researchers, doctoral students and educators in entrepreneurship. It provides a good source of available knowledge and numerous future research areas.

This open access book is available for free download at the link below: